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"I was seriously considering closing my practice and going back to work in a clinic as much as I hated working in one before...Brad really helped me to create systems that work for me and now I don't have peaks and valleys I have a steady stream of clients to fill my schedule"

Brad helped me to identify 'areas of opportunity' that has helped me increase my revenue almost $40,000 more yearly and I was able to raise my rates from $75/hour to $145/hour while retaining the majority of my client base.

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"With Brad's help and systems I went from $2100/month scraping by to over $7000/month consistently."
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"I have maxed out my available schedule!"

Transform Your Practice with Ethical Rebooking Strategies

If you’ve ever felt that twinge of discomfort when it comes to rebooking patients, or if you’re looking for a way to enhance patient care while also boosting your practice’s performance, this message is for you.

People can’t achieve the health outcomes they desire without a clear, ethical, and structured plan of care – and your practice is the key to their success. But how do you ensure that patients stay the course and truly commit to their treatment plans?

In our latest video, we’re tackling these questions head-on. We’ll show you the transformative strategies that top health practices are using to ethically rebook patients, ensuring they complete their plans of care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

By watching, you’ll discover:

  • The ‘Patient Success Journey’ and how it can revolutionize your practice
  • Proven methods to communicate treatment plans that patients will understand and follow
  • Strategies to schedule and follow up effectively, reducing drop-offs and no-shows
  • How to align rebooking with patient health goals for better adherence and satisfaction
  • This isn’t about just filling your schedule; it’s about creating a system where patients and your practice thrive together.

Don’t leave patient care to chance. Click below to watch the video and start transforming your approach to patient rebooking and care today.

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