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Here's How We Can Fill Your Schedule with 30+ Financially Qualified Cash-Pay Patients Every Month...​ GUARANTEED

Without Using Overpriced Agencies, Chasing Low Quality Tire-Kicker Leads, Or Requiring You To Use Discounts

If You’re Ready To:
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"We were able to more than double our rates & triple our referrals, nearly 2x our revenue this year!"
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"I have maxed out my available schedule!"
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"He's been a huge influence for me and helping me grow. So if you're on the fence at all, pull the trigger, work with Brad, can't say it enough."

Communities Are Becoming Saturated With Practices All Using Worn Out Marketing Tactics.

Discount offers, Workshops, Networking, Doctors Lunches, the List goes on...
As a result it’s becoming harder to stand out and patients end up confused or worse... don’t find the relief they need.
You Must Establish Preeminence:

At Preeminent Practice We Help You Become the Leading Expert In Your Community Using Three Pillars

Our System Explained

Step 01

We tap into the deep psychological triggers that attract and motivate ideal patients so they show up excited & ready to work with you!

We do that using something we call Intent Driven Targeting™.

Step 02

We create a Signature Solution that attracts the ideal patients we call “Solution Seekers” to your practice.

This means that you have a consistent flow of qualified new patient appointments being scheduled on the front and back end.

Step 03

We deploy an omni-channel marketing machine using the EverReach Method™ so your practice become THE solution in your market.

Designed to systematically attract patients from 12 different media sources.

If You’re Ready to Become The Preeminent Practice in Your Community

Schedule a Practice Audit™ with our team of Practice Growth Specialists so you can:

From Ad Creation to Lead Management Our System Handles it All.

So You Can Focus On Growing Your Practice (not trying to figure it out from scratch).

Ad Creation

Get the team you need to scale so you can start working ON the business MORE.

Ad Management

We manage it too, so it keeps converting.


Bespoke copy and the best performing ads for your niche.


Get leading edge designed ads and sites fast.

Landing Page Creation

We build and implement all our best performing styles & funnels.

Fully Integrated CRM

From new prospect to happy patient our system handles every step of the way

Lead Follow Up

Our follow up system goes to work immediately, no matter how busy you are.


Never wait for past patients to come in, we automate that for you.

Sales Training & Setters

We train your team and help you get full time setters to handle lead flow.

Ongoing Optimization

We never stop working on your system once fully executed

Weekly Support & Accountability

We don’t leave you hanging.  We’re always there to support hold you accountable.

Training & Resource Portal

Every resource, system, and strategy we’ve ever developed. At your fingertips.

Your Roadmap & Timeline

Success Stories

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"When I first started with Brad it was just me, now I have 3 staff members... I couldn't have done it without him."
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"Brad has been amazing in helping me with my sales process, my outreach process, and in helping structure and create content that serves my audience."
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"Brad helped me to create an effective marketing and sales system to get consistent new clients on autopilot!"
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"With Brad's help and systems I went from $2100/month scraping by to over $7000/month consistently."
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"I needed more leads and clients...I got them...tons of them! I've added over $50k more this year to my income!"
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"We were able to more than double our rates & triple our referrals, nearly 2x our revenue this year!"
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"As a small business owner I struggled with having to wear many hats in my business..."
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"Brad is an industry leader, and his frameworks are practical and actionable. He's helped me grow in my businesses and be more efficient and profitable."
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"Before Brad, we were doing everything...our systems were so messy... Now working with Brad...we've created a full holistic health program, we were able to more than double the price for the service."
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"With the marketing systems I learned from Brad, I more than doubled my patient load and increased my rates 50%."
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"I was seriously stuck... I now have a separate program to generate more income from my clients and reach more new clients."
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"During the lockdown, I had no income at all. I went through the step-by-step framework during lockdown and now I have an online program going into my second month with 24 people. And more importantly another stream of income!"
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"This program was laid out so nicely that it made me feel impossible to fail... Even if he would have charged me double what I paid, I still would have done it..."
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"The investment has been completely worth getting my clinic to that next level."

And More...

Frequently Asked Questions

Health and medical practice owners.

The first step is getting on a call with our team after you’ve watched the video and read this site. On the call we’ll diagnose and identify the root cause that’s limiting your practice growth. Once we know what to fix we’ll give you options so you can choose how to move forward.

We’ve helped implement this for over 576 practices, of which 70 now have passed 7 figures. No matter the type of private practice, if you fully implement the system, this will work to attract high-value patients.

The Preeminent Practice Method is the complete practice building system, structure, marketing machine, sales process, and hiring method to help you become the #1 practice in your area. Tested and proven from running five 7-Figure practices and used by over 576 of my clients. All built for you so you can hit the easy button and have a proven system implemented into your practice quickly.

All the other stuff out there like working with agencies or other coaches (who never owned a practice or who lost their licenses) don’t have the complete picture and they don’t have the history.

Our founder Brad Cote personally built five practices past 7-figures. What we install into your practice is that same system. A system that has continually been upgraded and optimized over 15 years and not only works today but is getting even better results now than ever before.

We often work with Practice and Health Clinic owners who are left frustrated after their time using agencies, consultants or local marketing teams.

We get it. There are a lot of “overnight” experts in this space.

But as a Doctor and practitioner with over 15 years of experience building successful practices, our founder Brad Cote’s system isn’t a patchwork model put together after an “online marketing course” or reading a few books on funnels. This is a true “practice in a box”. And it’s the missing piece in 95% of practices out there. That’s why we recommend you start with an audit. So we can help you find what’s missing and then show you what a true system looks like.

If You’re Ready to Become The Preeminent Practice in Your Community

Schedule a Practice Audit™ with our team of Practice Growth Specialists so you can: