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We Help Health & Medical Practices Get Pre-Qualified Cash-Pay Patients​

We Help Health & Medical Practices Get Pre-Qualified Cash-Pay Patients​
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the problem

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Stand Out.

Health and Medical practice owners know that the future lies in online marketing. As more of the market finds practices online, this becomes necessary.

But there’s a problem.

The online world is becoming increasingly saturated, and traditional marketing tactics like discount offers, workshops, networking, or doctor lunches are no longer as effective.

You can’t expect to stand out if you’re using the same strategy as everyone else.

the solution

You Must Become The Preeminent Practice In Your Community

The strategy of preeminence is a simple yet elegant approach that systematically elevates you above your competitors and propels you to the top spot in your community.

It’s the secret to standing out in the minds, hearts, and wallets of your ideal patients.

It all starts with the right intention. By having the intention to serve more, be more, and impact your community more than any other practice, you set a foundation for growth that can’t be replicated or matched.

the result

You’ll Become the Community Leader.

Becoming Preeminent creates a flywheel effect that continues to compound to the point of unstoppable momentum.

The more you market, the more your results compound. You’ll attract more prequalified patients who complete more plans of care, charge higher rates, have patients seeking you out, be able to ditch the insurance companies, and only work with ideal patients.

But you’ll also build a moat around your business that protects it long-term.

At Preeminent Practice, we help you create it systematically, step by step.

our story

What is Preeminent Practice?

Preeminent Practice was founded by Brad Cote, a Dual Licensed DO and PT who built and scaled five practices past $1.7 Million in Annual Revenue.

Filled with a team of Marketing Experts, Media Buyers, Graphic Desigers, Video Editors, and more, we have the team to help Practices thrive.

Offering a complete, turn-key system to practice owners worldwide. Helping them build highly profitable, fulfilling, high-impact practices that stand out and lead their communities.

With over 576 practices using his systems to scale and lead their markets worldwide, Preeminent Practice is leading the pack for health and medical practice owners looking to build their dream practice.

What Makes Us Different

For Practice Owners By Practice Owners

Most agencies and ‘gurus’ who serve health and medical practice owners never ran a practice. And they get stuck relying on discounts and freebies to get leads. This generates short-term spikes in lead generation that fall off dramatically over 4-6 weeks.

At Preeminent Practice, we help you build a sustainable customer engine on up to 12 different ad networks. And since you own the system, it puts you in control of your practice growth.

100% Custom Campaigns

We often see the same thing when we go into our clients’ ad accounts. Copy and paste campaigns that everyone else is using.

Instead of standing out, this leaves you in the same camp as everyone else with mediocre results.

To make this work long-term, you must tailor the machine to your unique system, process, and strengths. Without that effort, you’ll be stuck in ad purgatory, endlessly waiting for results that never come.

The Patient Success Journey™

The last key to this puzzle is the foundation.

The CRM and practice management approach we call the Patient Success Journey™. This is how we take your prospects from knowing nothing about you and your service to becoming a lifelong patient and referral source.

We have steps for every phase of the relationship to maximize revenue and create an experience that the patients rave about and love.

Success Stories

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"We were able to more than double our rates & triple our referrals, nearly 2x our revenue this year!"
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"I have maxed out my available schedule!"
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"He's been a huge influence for me and helping me grow. So if you're on the fence at all, pull the trigger, work with Brad, can't say it enough."
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"When I first started with Brad it was just me, now I have 3 staff members... I couldn't have done it without him."
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"With Brad's help and systems I went from $2100/month scraping by to over $7000/month consistently."
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"Brad has been amazing in helping me with my sales process, my outreach process, and in helping structure and create content that serves my audience."

Together, let’s help you become the #1 practice in your community and fill your schedule with cash-pay patients.

If You’re Ready to Become The Preeminent Practice in Your Community. Schedule a Practice Audit™ with our team of Practice Growth Specialists so you can:

Have your practice schedule filled with Financially Qualified cash-pay patients​

Eliminate No-shows, Cancellations, and Low Quality Leads​

Increase Patient Retention, Re-Bookings and Profit

​Become THE #1 solution in your community, filled with ideal patients you love​